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Redness Program

Redness Program

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Our revolutionary Redness Program calms, soothes, and reduces redness, while at the same time reducing fine lines and wrinkles, aging skin, and expression lines.

Your customized Redness Program includes six full size pharmaceutical grade products in an elegant cosmetic bag:

  • Hexam Cleanser
  • Refreshing Toner
  • Radiant Eye Contour Cream
  • Redness Solution Complex
  • Lexxel
  • Triple Protection Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I use the Redness Program as indicated how quickly will I see results?
A: In most cases improvements are noticed within one to two weeks.

Q: What do I do if I run out of one product before the others?
A: You may choose to purchase that product individually or for improved value you may wish to purchase another Redness Program.

Q: How long will the Redness Program last me? 
A: On average the Redness Program should last you approximately three months.